Hazardous Waste

The course is designed to help businesses that handle hazardous waste to ensure they can be compliant with hazardous waste procedures. It provides the legislative backdrop to hazardous waste management and will take delegates through the process of determining whether a waste should be classified as hazardous and therefore be subject to consignment procedures. Whilst we will look at the importance of WM3, the Waste Classification Technical Guidance document, we will not be going into complex technical analysis but will keep the course at a level for those that deal with normal everyday types of hazardous waste. 

Whilst focussing primarily on the legislation in England, we will consider the differences between each part of the UK, where to find specific country information and how the difference rules interact.

We will go through the consignment process and the completion of the consignment note in detail including the identification of the correct EWC codes and SIC codes. We will also cover records and the returns that must be provided by consignees to both consignors and the Agencies.

We will also briefly look at the need for movement of hazardous waste under Carriage of Dangerous goods where relevant.

Finally, we will consider the responsibilities for ensuring the correct disposal of hazardous waste, including the need to ensure proper authorisations

There will be an opportunity to ask questions throughout the webinar with delegates then able to email any further questions up to three days afterwards. Delegates will be provided with a copy of the slides, a copy of the aide memoire and flowchart and a certificate of attendance.




1. Legislative background

2. Defining hazardous waste

3. Consignment notes

4. Consignment records

5. Differences between UK nations

6. Authorised disposal


Phil Conran, Director, 360 Environmental
360 Environmental provides support to businesses and local authorities across a wide range of waste regulation including permitting, hazardous waste, producer responsibility and waste exports. Phil Conran previously worked at Biffa and since 2008, has been responsible for delivering training on legislative compliance at 360. Courses have been provided for both individuals and corporate clients and through regular engagement with the Agencies and Defra, has ensured that the courses are continually updated to reflect the latest positions and future expectations.
Date: 22.07.20 | 14:00
Location: Online
Course tutor:
Cost: £120 (incl. VAT)